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The Pros and Cons of Assisted Living

Sep 07, 2012 at 11:56

If you are considering moving to assisted living, you may be looking for a simpler way of living, as well as some help with daily activities. Assisted living is a good option if you are in need of more assistance than offered in an independent living facility or at home, but are not in need of the supervision and medical care offered in a skilled nursing facility. There are many great things assisted living has to offer, but it may or may not be the right choice for you. Before making a final decision, it is best to think about the pros and cons.  

Pros of Assisted Living

One of the best aspects of assisted living is having the safety and security of support and accessibility to care 24 hours a day. All the while, your independence and privacy are valued. The staff is there simply to assist you with any activities you may need help performing. Although not all assisted living facilities are the same, many provide similar basic services. Most offer three daily meals, housekeeping, assistance with daily living activities, access to medical care, transportation, exercise programs, help with medication, social activities, and more. Many assisted living facilities feature apartment style living, which allows you to maintain a great deal of privacy while having access to all of the amenities. Assisted living means enjoying the freedom of no longer caring for a home, while receiving the extra help you may need.

Cons of Assisted Living

There are some aspects of assisted living to be aware of, since it is not for everyone. Pay close attention to your needs. If you require more than the basic assistance for eating, dressing, bathing, going to the bathroom, or walking, then you may need the more intensive care offered in a nursing home.  If you have a chronic health problem that requires daily monitoring or treatment, a skilled nursing facility may be a better choice for you. Alternately, if you are relatively healthy and don’t require assistance with daily living activities, you may want to look into independent living communities. That could be a better and less expensive option since you would not be paying for the extra amenities offered in assisted living.

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