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Paying for Senior Living in Texas

Sep 26, 2012 at 4:37

If you live in the state of Texas and are looking for assistance in paying for senior living, there are several options available. The average cost of assisted living in Texas is $3210 per month, and if you need specialized memory care, then costs will run you an extra $1000 per month. By knowing what help is available and what the rules are, you can better plan for senior living.

Eligibility for Texas Medicaid

In order to qualify for Medicaid in Texas, a single individual must not have an income in excess of $2094 per month, and for a couple, no more than $4188 per month. An individual’s asset limit is $2000, and is $3000 for a couple. Some state Medicaid programs have extended levels of $5000 and $6000 for individuals and couples, respectively. Your home and personal vehicle are not included in calculating assets. There are options if you do not meet the financial requirements for Medicaid, you can work with a Medicaid planning professional and have over-the-limit income allocated into pooled income trusts. If feel you are near the financial limits, it is recommended to contact a Medicaid professional before applying for Medicaid.

Texas Medicaid Programs

Although Medicaid in Texas would previously only pay for nursing care facilities, there are now waiver programs that will pay for assisted living facilities and in-home care. There are two different Medicaid waiver programs that will pay for assisted living. The Community Based Alternatives (CBA) waiver will pay for residents who are eligible for a nursing facility to stay in assisted living. The eligibility for the CBA waiver is the same as the general Medicaid guidelines. This program is a great option for those who would like to receive care in assisted living, however, it should be noted that even if you qualify for this program, space is limited and may not be available. Another program similar to CBA, is the STAR+PLUS waiver. Offered only in certain geographical areas of the state, this program differs in that individuals do not have the option of self-directing their care. Instead, services are provided by a managed care organization, and participants are allowed to select a preferred provider.

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