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Senior Living in Alaska

Jul 12, 2011 at 1:02 AM


The options for senior Living in Alaska are even broader than the options available to younger folk. There are programs to help senior’s continue to live at home, retirement communities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and more. Choosing the right situation for your relative will depend on what is best for them. If they are physically active and mentally on point, they will probably need only limited help or even a situation where they simply have fewer responsibilities. Retirement communities are ideal for this level of service. Assisted living facilities allow the senior to enjoy much of the same level of independence that they would receive at home, but with help available for more physically taxing tasks. Nursing homes offer round the clock attention, total meal plans and medical care on premises. To make the decision as to which care facility will work best consider the following:

  1. Can they get up and dressed without help?
  2. Is their home single level?
  3. Have they fallen or is their balance compromises?
  4. Do they regularly participate in social activities?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you may want to start looking at alternatives to living at home for your elderly loved one.

Costs of Senior Living in Alaska

The costs of senior living in Alaska can vary highly depending on the level of the needed care. When a senior only needs moderate help around the home, it can be inexpensive to provide it in an in-home situation. When a senior requires more extensive care like that offered at assisted living facilities, the costs get much higher. Assisted living facilities in Alaska start at $3,690 and nursing homes start at $452 per day. There are Medicaid programs designed to help defray these expenses for those who qualify, so it is important to start researching them early.

Finding Senior Living in Alaska

Locating different senior living options in Alaska is as easy as performing a simple Internet search. The Medicaid website offers information about approved facilities, and there are many sites dedicated to helping seniors make the transition to one of the senior living options available. Start researching today to plan for the best options.


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