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Alzheimer's Care in Louisiana

Oct 19, 2011 at 8:35 AM



Providing Alzheimer’s care for a loved one who has early onset dementia can be very intimidating, not to mention heartbreaking. Many people are simply not up to the demands of caring for someone with a degenerative condition like dementia. Dementia care requires considerable:

  1. Time – as the senior will eventually require help with even the smallest tasks
  2. Patience – since over time the senior may regress to very childlike behavior
  3. Fortitude – not everyone can deal with a parent not recognizing them and forgetting their name and face

Because of the combination of traits required to provide Alzheimer's Care in the home, it is no surprise that many people are simply not equipped, both financially and emotionally, to provide at home dementia care. At the point when the disease becomes difficult to manage many families look at different nursing home options.

Cost of Alzheimer's Care in Louisiana

In the beginning, Alzheimer’s care can be provided by family members at home, but eventually the senior will not be able to be left alone for multiple hours in a row. At that point a home health aide becomes necessary. Home health aides start at $12 per hour in Louisiana. As the dementia patient worsens, they will need round the clock care. If a family member is not in the position to stay at home, it can be more expensive to provide at home care then it is to transfer to a nursing home. Nursing home care runs between $106 and $225 per day. If your family member needs more than nine hours of care each day, then a nursing home is probably a better option. Medicare does not cover nursing homes, but Medicaid can if the senior meets both health and income requirements.

Find Alzheimer's Care in Louisiana

Contact your local Medicaid office to determine which nursing homes are covered under state Medicaid. Then start arranging for tours and visits so you can find the home that will be most comfortable for your loved one.