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Alzheimer's Care in Nevada

Mar 13, 2011 at 9:19 AM



Nevada Alzheimer’s care is available in a number of settings, but the most common are in home or at a long term care facility. Advanced dementia patients require constant supervision to ensure their safety. Dementia care includes providing services like:

  1. Feeding the patient
  2. Guiding them through gentle exercise routines
  3. Getting them dressed
  4. Helping them with the bathroom
  5. And more

In the early stages, many families tackle dementia with care at home. The patient is often lucid for much of the time and episodes of confusion are rare. As the disease progresses and the senior is confused more often than not, it is crucial that someone be on hand all the time to prevent any accidents. A senior with dementia can wander off and forget how to get home, leaving them lost, confused and upset.

Cost of Alzheimer's Care in Nevada

In the beginning, the cost of Alzheimer’s care is very reasonable. Many families simply make adjustments to their schedules and fit in the needs of the loved one with dementia. As the condition worsens, it may be necessary to hire a home health aide during the work day. These services start at $16/hour. At first, when you only need these services for a couple of hours each day, this is a cost that can be covered out of pocket. Once the patient needs round the clock dementia care, a nursing home may be the only viable option. Nursing homes in Nevada start at $173/day. This works out to more than most people earn in a year. Thankfully, Medicaid will help with the costs once the senior pays down their assets enough to qualify.

Find Alzheimer's Care in Nevada

There are many companies that offer home health services, but if you are unsure where to find them, contact your local Alzheimer’s support group. They will be able to provide you with all sorts of resources to help you provide the maximum level of care for your loved one.