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Senior Living in Arizona

Oct 21, 2011 at 12:42 AM

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As your mom and dad get older, worrying about their senior living arrangements is only natural. The maintenance tasks they performed for years are no longer the easy chores they once were. When your dad may have spent ten minutes cleaning gutters every couple of months years ago, a ladder climb is not the best idea for a senior. Going up and down stairs may be painful after a while as well. Even though mom and dad may still be sharp mentally, their physical condition is not going to remain great forever. Exploring senior living options now, while they still have relatively good health is a great idea. Active adult communities offer senior the chance to grow old in a relaxing environment filled with fun. Consider your parents living in a place where they can:

  1. Enjoy their favorite hobbies everyday
  2. Have other like minded peers available for conversation
  3. Never perform dangerous property maintenance again
  4. Have everything they need in one community, reducing the need for travel

Active adult communities are often a great alternative to independent living at home.

Costs of Senior Living in Arizona

Medicare does not cover the costs of living expenses, so senior independent living options must be paid for out of pocket unless the elderly person in question also needs help with the activities of daily living. Medicaid makes allowances for assisted living programs, but active adult communities and other senior living options that do not include any medical components are not covered. However, the costs on these facilities are often comparable to an apartment rental.

Finding Senior Living in Arizona

There are numerous communities that focus on offering living situations for the elderly. Make sure to take your parents exploring, before it becomes necessary. The earlier you and they develop a long term plan the less likely you are to face unexpected expenses and wait times.


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