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Senior Living in California

Sep 07, 2011 at 11:34 AM

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Senior living is a subject that will be brought up more and more as the baby-boomers go into retirement and would no longer like to live at home. The massive increase in the number of people simultaneously entering retirement age has created a situation where more senior living options are needed than ever before. There are many facilities that cater to those in precarious health situations, but now there has been a growth in the number of active adult communities as well. Many baby-boomers are in better health than seniors before, and they are not ready to enter restricted living situations. They want senior independent living options, and active adult communities provide that. Active adult communities or retirement communities allow seniors to:

  1. Pursue hobbies
  2. Enjoy socializing with their own generation
  3. Avoid the annoyances of property maintenance and younger folk
  4. Maintain an active social life

The way these communities are structured, seniors have easy access to everything they need for daily living. They also enjoy the independence to go out for things not available in the midst of the planned community.

Costs of Senior Living in California

Senior living costs in a non-medical environment are not much more expensive than normal living costs. A senior in a retirement community pays a rental fee that also included property maintenance. The maintenance fee can make it slightly more expensive, but the total cost is similar to them remaining at home.

Finding Senior Living in California

New planned retirement communities are being built on a constant basis. If you plan ahead, you can buy into a new development and get all of the amenities that you want. Because retirement communities are open to those 55 and older, you might enjoy living there for twenty to thirty years. The peace and quiet of the community along with the constant stream of planned social activities makes for a wonderful place to spend the twilight years. Start looking for new developments in your area today to get the best deals on a new planned community.


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