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Senior Living in Colorado

Jul 14, 2011 at 2:31 AM

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Finding safe senior living arrangements for a parent can be something of an ordeal. Not only is it difficult to face the reality of an aging parent, but they will often fight to remain at home. However, there comes a point where you need to evaluate their situation for safety. If a senior has:

  1. Compromised balance
  2. Difficulty getting up and around
  3. Problems with transportation
  4. Signs of dehydration or malnutrition

It is time to consider alternative living arrangements. It may be that they are fine to continue living independently, but not in the isolation that home living can promote. A retirement community might be a good option where they will have no difficulty maneuvering around and meeting up with people their own age. Group homes are another option where seniors can interact. Discuss the options with both your parents and their primary care doctor to determine the best place for them.

Costs of Senior Living in Colorado

Senior living costs can range from a mere $12 per hour to over $375 per day depending on the level of care needed for your parent. Medicare will pay for short term nursing home stays, but little else. Medicaid will step in if your parent has next to nothing in income and assets, but otherwise the burden will be on them to fund their care. Long term care insurance can help with the expenses, but there are often plan maximums so be cautious when choosing the policy.

Finding Senior Living in Colorado

Depending on the location in Colorado, you may want to encourage your family member to move a considerable distance away. The mountainous regions can make it difficult for seniors to get around in all weather. However, if they need more extensive care, a local facility is probably best as it will maximize the opportunity to visit them. Start contacting local facilities immediately to determine which ones offer the needed level of care.


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