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Senior Living in Connecticut

Feb 13, 2011 at 12:36 AM

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There are many options for senior living arrangements in Connecticut. Retirement communities, also referred to as active adult communities, are one option, while at-home care and assisted living facilities are other options. The level of care the senior requires will determine what senior living option will best suit their needs. Retirement communities offer:

  1. Socialization with other seniors
  2. Low maintenance housing
  3. Recreational activities available on premises

Active adult communities are a great option for those in good physical condition. At-home care is available for those that can afford the necessary help, but assisted living is often the safe option for those that have trouble with daily activities like getting dressed or bathing.

Costs of Senior Living in Connecticut

The costs associated with the various senior living options can vary highly. Active adult communities are often available for similar costs as staying at home, but they are usually more appropriate for seniors. Retirement communities are planned to allow the seniors easy access to needed facilities like the grocery store. Assisted living facilities start at around $1,700 per month, and can go up to $7,750 depending on the level of care needed. At-home care ranges from $12 to $26 per hour, and is often only workable for those that only need intermittent care. Because Connecticut Medicaid does not offer any programs for long term care facilities, payment for assisted living facilities would need to be out of pocket for prolonged stays.

Finding Senior Living in Connecticut

Retirement communities are often a good first step for seniors looking to move to a less active life style. While all the social aspects are still offered, the lesser maintenance requirements allow seniors to spend more time on leisure activities. The comparatively low cost of this option makes it an ideal transitional option. Active adult communities have much to recommend them when considering senior living options, so start researching local communities today.

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