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Senior Living in Washington, D.C.

Apr 07, 2011 at 2:50 AM

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Washington D.C. is chock full of fun things to do, and senior living options make it available to retirees. If you are an active adult, in good physical health consider some of the retirement communities available in D.C. When you live in retirement communities, you get:

  1. Social opportunities with other seniors
  2. Handicapped accessible housing
  3. Convenient access to shopping and entertainment

Senior apartments offer much of the same benefits, but they are often smaller in square footage. If you like a more expansive living space, retirement communities offer houses, while senior apartments give you the minimum maintenance in a comfortable size. Seniors that would rather live at home should consider the benefits of senior living options at a variety of different locations.

Costs of Senior Living in Washington, D.C.

Different senior locations have different associated costs. Retirement communities can have big variance on the costs depending on where they are located. There are retirement communities in some of the most expensive areas of the city, making the price quite high. The cost of retirement housing is directly related to the cost of the location of the property. Senior apartments are usually located in urban areas, which can make the cost a bit higher per square foot, but the total cost is often lower than in retirement communities. The great thing about these living options is that they allow a senior to living independently for as long as possible. Senior living options can be available in any area, so choose the area carefully as it will impact the price.

Finding Senior Living in Washington, D.C.

While there are senior living options in Washington D.C., it may be more cost effective to look at the surrounding counties for the least expensive option. While it may not have the most access to entertainment, it certainly offers an option that you might be able to afford.

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