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Senior Living in Georgia

Apr 11, 2011 at 8:39 AM

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There are many different options for senior Living in Georgia. Group homes, retirement communitiesassisted living facilities and nursing homes are all potential options. The physical and mental condition of your relative will determine which senior living arrangement will work best for them. It they:

  1. Have difficulty getting dressed
  2. Can no longer manage stairs safely
  3. Recently fell or experienced and injury
  4. Have trouble managing their medications

They probably require more help than is feasible in the home. Group homes and assisted living facilities are a great option for seniors that are in generally good health, but require assistance with daily living tasks. Retirement communities are a fabulous option for those that do not need much assistance, but are no longer up to the physical demands of maintaining a property.

Costs of Senior Living in Georgia

Depending on the specific senior living arrangement, the Georgia Medicaid program may be able to help cover the costs. The waiver program allows Medicaid to help cover the costs of assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and hospice care. It will not cover retirement communities, but depending on the services provided may help with group homes. The senior living options that assistance will help with must provide some health related services. Georgia senior living costs are some of the least expensive in the nation, allowing many seniors the option to pay out of pocket for some costs.

Finding Senior Living in Georgia

There are many senior living arrangements in Georgia, though the number of retirement communities is less than the number of assisted living facilities. Many people along the east coast choose to retire further south in Florida, reducing the need for retirement communities in Georgia. Group homes may also require considerable research, but assisted living is readily available. Start researching now to find the best possible place for your loved ones.


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