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Senior Living in Iowa

Feb 16, 2011 at 1:24 AM

Flag of Dubuque, Iowa

As you age, it is crucial that you assess the various senior living options. No one enjoys the prospect of being forced into a nursing home, and the best way to avoid that is with careful long term planning. Start looking at local senior independent living options to find the right set of solutions for you. While it is tempting to think that staying at home is the best option, there are signs that let you know it may not work long term. Be honest about::

  1. How difficult it is to get up and down the stairs
  2. How often you delay errands due to the added energy they require
  3. When the last time you enjoyed a social activity was

As simple tasks become more difficult around the house, it is time to consider alternatives like active adult communities. Active adult communities provide the same independence as staying at home, but the properties are designed for seniors, so no stairs and double railings are the norm.

Costs of Senior Living in Iowa

Active adult communities are not covered by any public assistance programs. Both Medicare and Medicaid focus on strictly medical issues, so safe senior living does not get coverage unless the danger is imminent. However, the costs are not so high that seniors can not afford it. Many senior independent living options are as inexpensive as staying at home, though with the addition of a monthly rental payment. Many seniors sell their homes to pay for their new senior living option.

Finding Senior Living in Iowa

There are many different options for senior Living in Iowa, but many people do prefer to retire out of state. There are active adult communities in many different areas in Iowa, but there are also out of state options in areas with warmer weather year round. Many seniors take the opportunity of retirement to find a place that offers comfortable temperatures all of the time. Cold weather can be a trigger for many senior ailments, so start doing your research today.


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