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Senior Living in Illinois

Apr 14, 2011 at 12:15 AM

The many senior living options often confuse many people. There are assisted living facilities, group homes, retirement communities and nursing homes, all designed to accommodate different needs and provide different services. Group homes and assisted living facilities offer:

  1. Help with getting dressed, taking a bath and grooming
  2. Complete or partial meal plans
  3. Help with medical care

Retirement communities are only designed for those seniors in good physical condition. Seniors without constant health care needs, who are able to take care of themselves on a daily basis, often enjoy retirement communities. Unlike group homes, these communities offer seniors all the freedom they are accustomed to enjoying, without the responsibility of up-keeping a home that they would need to do with home care. They also offer easy social interaction, with many activities planned on-site.

Costs of Senior Living in Illinois

Neither Medicare nor Medicaid will help with the costs associated with retirement communities. However, Medicaid will help cover some of the costs of assisted living facilities or group homes. Illinois Medicaid has obtained a waiver to offer the supportive living program. This allows seniors to get help paying for the costs of services offered by group homes. They will not cover the basic room and board expenses, but they do cover many of the affiliated costs like, housekeeping, home making, medication management and access to 24 hour care.

Finding Senior Living in Illinois

The level of care a senior requires will determine which senior living options in Illinois are available. There are many retirement community options and many assisted living facilities. In fact, many assisted living options have expanded care, where once the patient is no longer a good candidate for assisted living they can move directly into the attached nursing home, without the stress of finding a new facility. Start looking at local options today to find the best facility for your loved one.

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