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Independent Living in Louisiana

May 15, 2011 at 5:52 AM

State of Louisiana


Seniors can be just as stubborn about independent living as anyone, and it is crucial to approach conversations about eventual living arrangements gently and tactfully. Expressing concern is perfectly natural for those you love, but it is easy to get frustrated when a senior loved one is interested in staying at home. It is important to detail your concerns as they relate directly to safety. Let your senior loved on know that you are worried about them:

  1. Performing physically difficult tasks like mowing the lawn or raking leaves
  2. Driving at night if their eyesight is beginning to fail
  3. Living alone, given the multiple risks faced by seniors without live in help

Make sure that you make it clear that you trust them to make rational decisions and that you understand their reluctance. It often helps to let them know that the move is mostly about peace of mind. They may be more ready to consider options like retirement communities or assisted living facilities if the motivation behind the suggestion is clearly concern.

Costs of Independent Living in Louisiana

Many seniors worry about the cost of alternative senior living arrangements, so it is important to provide them with real numbers so they can see that retirement communities and assisted living facilities can be affordable options. Retirement communities are usually no more expensive than any other real estate purchase, and seniors can sell their homes to finance the new purchase. Medicaid will step in to help with the cost of assisted living facilities once a senior can no longer afford them out of pocket, providing they are medically necessary.

Finding Independent Living in Louisiana

There are many different independent living facilities in Louisiana, so finding a great place for your loved one can be easy. They may be resistant at first, but if you can get them to tour several facilities, they will eventually find one that they can enjoy.