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Independent Living in Nevada

Apr 06, 2011 at 10:18 AM

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Increasing health care costs are forcing more seniors to look at independent living options. Since many seniors would prefer to stay at home anyway, this may be looked on as a blessing in disguise. Seniors often want to stay at home, but at home care is not always the best option. If a senior is not able to do the following, they may not be good candidates for independent living:

  1. Walk up and down stairs
  2. Regularly prepare meals
  3. Keep track of medication schedules
  4. Get out for social engagements

However, increasing costs may not give them as many options. Assisted living facilities are often very expensive, and few people can afford to pay for them out of pocket for long. A home health aide or live-in companion may be the answer that allows seniors to remain at home for as long as possible.

Costs of Independent Living in Nevada

Assisted living facilities start at $1,080 per month, but they can be as high as $5,700, depending on the location and service package. The more services a senior needs, the higher the cost can go. Medicaid may pay for some of the costs, but only if you qualify. There are medical and financial requirements to Medicaid that may make you ineligible when you first apply for the program. Long term care insurance may pay for assisted living facilities, but many are limited to nursing homes, and some policies have low maximum annual payouts. At home care is much less expensive when you only need intermittent help. Home health aides and companion services start as low as $16 per hour. As long as you only need a couple of hours each day, this is an extremely affordable option.

Finding Independent Living in Nevada

There are many local senior service providers that can help you determine the best independent living option for your situation. Contact them today and start planning for your retirement.