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Senior Living in Kentucky

Sep 18, 2011 at 2:43 AM

Getting dressed in the morningSome states may have limited senior living options, but in Kentucky there are a variety of choices. At home care is an option that is growing in popularity due to the rising costs of senior care. Retirement communities, or active adult communities, are another option for seniors in good health. Many seniors choose to make the transition to retirement communities and then utilize contract services to let them stay out of long term care facilities for as long as possible. No matter how nice the nursing home, few people enjoy the thought of giving up the freedom to come and go as they please or admitting that they need help with simple things like:

  1. Preparing a simple meal
  2. Reading a bank statement
  3. And much more

Plus, nursing homes are often synonymous with failing health. Thus, many seniors look for more palatable alternatives.

Costs of Senior Living in Kentucky

The cost to move into active adult communities varies based on the location. Some active adult communities sell homes in the developments, while other merely rent spaces. Some retirement communities are run much like condominium associations with services designed for the elderly, while others are more general. The variety of options means that prices can be very low or very high. The government does subsidize some of these developments, so they are offered on a sliding scale to low income seniors. Once Living in a retirement community, some seniors may choose to contract the services of a home health aide to help with daily tasks. Those services start at $13 per hour.

Finding Senior Living in Indiana

Finding appropriate senior living options is easy. There are many online services and websites that provide local listings and feedback about different types of senior living. Get online today to start researching all of your options.

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