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Senior Living in Louisiana

Oct 19, 2011 at 2:45 AM


Senior living is all about providing convenience and low stress living to seniors. Maintaining a property can be too much for many seniors as they become frailer with age. Even when a senior is in good physical health and stable medical condition, the demands of keeping up a house can be exhausting. Seniors should be able to enjoy their twilight years, and retirement communities can provide that. Seniors Living in retirement communities enjoy:

  1. Living in planned communities with easy access to basic needs like grocery stores
  2. The many social opportunities, since many communities provide daily events and gatherings
  3. No maintenance, since the property is maintained by the community association

Some seniors require more help than simply less maintenance requirements, and for those, assisted living facilities are available. Assisted living facilities provide assistance with the tasks of daily living.

Costs of Senior Living in Louisiana

Medicaid will help pay for some long term care options, provided they are deemed medically necessary, but retirement communities are not considered care providers. Because the services offered at retirement communities do not have a health component, and only active adults are eligible to participate, they are an option that must be paid for out of pocket. Medicaid can help with assisted living facilities. Providing a doctor attests to the necessity of having some assistance with daily living tasks and the senior meets the income requirements, Medicaid can help.

Finding Senior Living in Louisiana

The different options for senior Living in Louisiana guarantee that there are numerous locations for each type. However, the difficult part is finding a place that your loved one will be comfortable and happy living in. For retirement communities, it is important to have the senior visit each one several times before making a decision, but with assisted living facilities the options may be more limited depending on the financial situation. Medicaid will pay for certain assisted living costs, but only when provided at an approved facility.


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