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Senior Living in Massachusetts

Nov 01, 2011 at 8:43 AM

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Senior living is a topic that is more prevalent than ever with the increasing number of baby-boomers reaching retirement age. This largest ever generation of seniors all set to retire at similar times has made the entire country start considering the various options for seniors. There are only so many assisted living facilities and retirement communities available right now. The increasing numbers has generated a big opportunity for soon to be retirees.

Assisted living facilities usually offer both independent living options and assistance programs depending on the care level needed by the senior. Standard assistance packages often include:

  1. Help with the tasks of daily life like grooming, bathing and dressing
  2. Housekeeping help
  3. Transportation arrangements
  4. Medication management
  5. Much more

Retirement communities are much looser. They offer a secure and social place for you to enjoy your retirement. Now, there are many new developments being planned to help accommodate the large number of prospective retirees. You can invest now, to have a place for your retirement.

Costs of Senior Living in Massachusetts

The only senior living options that Medicare or Medicaid will help cover are those that are medically necessary. For example, a senior that needs consistent medical care can get public assistance in a nursing home, but often similar services in an assisted living facility are not covered. Assisted living facilities start at $1,900 per month, before any services are added. Unless you are eligible for the Medicaid waiver program and have a doctor to certify the need, this may be out of your price range. Retirement communities have much more flexibility in pricing. You can move in as young as 55 and buy in even younger. If you start planning early, you will be able to afford a long term place in a retirement community.

Finding Senior Living in Massachusetts

With all the different options for senior Living in Massachusetts, finding a place is easy. Finding the best place takes more work. Start looking at various facilities immediately to determine where you want to go and how much it will cost.

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