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Senior Living in Maine

May 02, 2011 at 7:58 AM

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Choosing the right senior living option in Maine is mostly about assessing the condition of your senior loved one. Seniors in better physical condition have the most options, while those that are less able to get up and around may need to consider options like assisted living facilities. There are in-home care options that can provide many of the same services, like:

  1. Meal preparation
  2. Medication management
  3. Help with dressing, bathing and grooming
  4. Light housekeeping
  5. And much more

The level of care your loved one needs will determine which senior living option is best for them. Assisted living facilities are one option, but active seniors may prefer retirement communities for the greater freedom they allow. Discuss all of the options with both your loved ones and their primary care physician to determine which senior living arrangement will work best for them.

Costs of Senior Living in Maine

As long as your parents are in good shape physically, the costs for senior living are minimal. Even retirement communities rarely cost more than regular living expenses. While many seniors may not have the resources to maintain two homes, selling their current abode often provides enough to secure them a permanent place in retirement communities. Assisted living facilities cost at least $2,129 per month, though Medicaid may help pay those costs depending on the medical and financial health of the senior. In-home care starts at $16 per hour, and as long as the care requirements are intermittent, it can be a great option.

Finding Senior Living in Maine

Once you and your senior loved ones have discussed the various options, it is crucial to determine which living arrangement they would prefer, which they can have safely. After determining the appropriate solution, go online and look at local directories to find services and facilities that can meet your parents’ care needs.

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