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Senior Living in Michigan

Nov 25, 2011 at 12:30 AM

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There are hundreds of senior living options for those residing in Michigan. Not only are there nursing homes, but there are also many senior living opportunities that offer care that is less intensive. Nursing homes are really for seniors that:

  1. Need constant attention
  2. Have acute and/or chronic health problems
  3. Are bedridden or physically immobile for the short or long term

Seniors that are able to handle the activities of daily life, even if they require some nominal assistance, are not good candidates for nursing homes. Assisted living facilities and senior apartments are better options. Senior apartments are often available within assisted living facilities. The assisted living community will rent out the apartment and then offer progressive services for additional fees as they become necessary.

Costs of Senior Living in Michigan

With senior apartments starting as low as $840 per month, they are an option that many seniors can pursue. This fee usually covers both the space rental and basic utilities, making a bargain. As seniors require more assistance, other services are available for additional costs. Senior living can include transportation services, meal plans, housekeeping services and much more. Medicare offers no coverage for assisted living options, but Medicaid may. If you are concerned about your ability to bear the costs long term, and you do not have long-term care insurance, contact you local Medicaid office to discuss the availability of help with assisted living.

Finding Senior Living in Michigan

There are many facilities that offer senior living options in Michigan, but you may want to take the time to find out which are Medicaid approved before you schedule a tour. Unless you are confident in your ability to pay out of pocket for all needed services, you will need to find an arrangement that meets the Medicaid eligibility requirements. Start researching local facilities today, to find the best option.

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