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Senior Living in North Dakota

Apr 28, 2011 at 9:33 AM

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When looking at senior living options it is important to consider safety first. It is not always safe for seniors to remain at home during their retirement years. Not only can failing health impact their ability to take care of themselves, but property maintenance is an increasing responsibility that they may not be able to physically meet. With senior apartments and assisted living facilities these issues are no longer a problem. Assisted living facilities offer:

  1. Help with the activities of daily life like getting dressed, cooking a meal, and taking a bath
  2. Light to moderate housekeeping
  3. Medication management
  4. And more

The more you need, the more assisted living facilities are willing to provide. Senior apartments are a bit less intense that way. They provide a living arrangement that is designed for senior use, but without all of the additional services offered at an assisted living facility.

Costs of Senior Living in North Dakota

Senior apartment costs are directly related to the costs of the area where the apartments are located. In real estate, location is one of the primary factors for determining price. The more upscale the area where the apartments are located, the higher the rental cost will be. There are some apartments that are subsidized by the government to keep expenses down for low-income seniors, but they often have extensive waiting lists. Assisted living facilities start at $1,275 for single occupancy and can go up quickly depending on your service package. The more help you need, the greater the expense. The basic room and board fees will need to be paid out of pocket, but Medicaid may help with some of the medical related expenses.

Finding Senior Living in North Dakota

North Dakota residents have a plethora of options when looking at senior living possibilities. Online listing services can help you find the most convenient local options. Start researching today, to arrange tours of the facilities that most appeal so that you can begin planning your long term senior living situation.


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