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Senior Living in New Jersey

Aug 05, 2011 at 4:12 AM

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Some people can not imagine living any where but a city and demand an urban area for senior living, while others want to get away from it all in a more rural setting. Retirement communities and senior apartments can accommodate either setting. Retirement communities are often planned in more rural settings, to provide a more relaxing environment. Senior apartments have less in the way of internal entertainment, due to their more urban setting. Both are senior living options designed for healthy, active seniors who simply want to get away from the work of property maintenance. When you own a home you must:

  1. Mow the lawn
  2. Shovel snow
  3. Garden/Landscape

There are many chores that go along with property upkeep that can become increasingly difficult as you age. Living options designed with seniors in mind remove those hassles and provide stress free living.

Costs of Senior Living in New Jersey

Health care costs may be on the rise, but real estate prices are in the toilet. This can make buying a home in a retirement community or a condo in a senior apartment building very reasonable. Although neither Medicare nor Medicaid will help with the costs of senior living, many seniors find that by selling or renting their homes, they are in a good financial position to get into a more suitable living arrangement. Many seniors have much of their personal wealth tied up in property ownership, and there are companies that can help translate that wealth into funds for retirement.

Finding Senior Living in New Jersey

With both rural and urban settings available for retirement, you have your choice of environments. If you are renting, you can even try out several different places on a short term basis before making a final decision. The other residents are usually the deciding factor when choosing long term retirement housing. Get to know your prospective neighbors and decide where you will spend the remainder of your life.


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