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Senior Living in Oklahoma

Oct 07, 2011 at 9:12 AM

It can be easy to be in denial about getting older, but do not wait to look at different senior living options. If you wait too long, the only option left available might be a nursing home. No one wants to face to prospect of a long term nursing homes stay, so begin the planning you need to avoid it now. There are many senior independent living options that can provide a safe and self-sufficient life style. Of course, staying at home is preferable, but it may not be the best or safest option. Honestly asses your ability to:

  1. Get up and down the stairs
  2. Run errands
  3. Interact with friends and family

When even simple home maintenance tasks become a burden that you are not always able to complete, alternatives like active adult communities become more attractive. Active adult communities allow you to enjoy the same freedom and self sufficiency as staying in your home, but properties are designed for seniors, with wide door ways, double railings and handicapped accessible bathrooms.

Costs of Senior Living in Oklahoma

In-home care options start at $16 per hour, which can quickly become too expensive for seniors on a fixed income. With active adult communities for senior independent living, many of the expenses of in-home care are minimized. After all, the community association provides for all property maintenance, and the senior friendly design allows seniors to do more for themselves. The cost of moving to active adult communities for senior living can be offset by the sale of a home. When you move to a retirement community, you are not going to be moving back home. It is a permanent change.

Finding Senior Living in Oklahoma

To locate the nearest senior living options in Oklahoma, search online for retirement communities and other local senior listings. Before making a final decision do some research on the expected services for these types of options. Once you have a final choice, start planning for the move today.

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