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Senior Living in Pennsylvania

Jan 18, 2012 at 10:04 AM


Pennsylvania Turnpike


What senior living options would you prefer, after retirement? If you have not given this any consideration, start now. The longer you wait to look at senior living options the more limited your options will be. It takes considerable planning to find facilities that offer active adult communities, assisted living facilities and nursing home care, all through the same management company. Of course, you do not have to find an all in one option, but the more you can reduce your chances of moving, once you choose your retirement senior living option, the less stress you will face as you get older. When you move into a retirement community that has attached assisted living facilities and eventual skilled nursing care available, there are several benefits.

  1. Everything you need is in one place
  2. Obtaining increasing levels of care will not require a waiting list
  3. Contract services are easy to obtain and often part of the increasing service package

Costs of Senior Living in Pennsylvania

When you move into a retirement community, the original expenses are your direct responsibility. This does give you the opportunity to spend down your assets to obtain help with eventual nursing home costs. Medicare does not cover long term care costs, but Medicaid does at approved facilities. The requirements for eligibility for Medicaid are strict, but over time many seniors qualify. Both health and finances are part of the determination process, and for many seniors it takes time to spend down enough assets to be eligible for the program. Sit down with a financial planner to discuss long term options and scheduled spending.

Finding Senior Living in Pennsylvania

It can be a challenge to find a senior living option that offers all of the amenities that you want. For many, retirement is an opportunity to practice skills that one never had time for during a working life. It is important to find living spaces the accommodate your desire to enjoy different hobbies.


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