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Senior Living in South Carolina

Aug 14, 2011 at 9:19 AM

South Carolina


Safe senior living options in South Carolina run the gamut from licensed home care to skilled nursing care depending on the needs of the senior in question. Every senior has different needs based on their health and activity levels. A senior that is in good health, with no restrictions on motion and activity might enjoy Living in active adult communities. Active adult communities provide:

  1. Weekly, if not daily, entertainment offerings
  2. Local shopping opportunities
  3. Exercise options
  4. Plenty of social interaction

As seniors age, it can be more difficult to get out of the house, leaving many seniors in the position of depending on others to provide transport. If a senior is unable to get out an about without help, but is in otherwise good shape health wise, then assisted living facilities can offer a safe and fun living environment. Assisted living facilities are fully staffed to provide as much or as little help as each senior requires.

Costs of Senior Living in South Carolina

Every senior living option has different costs associated with it. For active adult communities, the costs are determined by the size of the living space and the location of the community. These communities are planned to allow seniors complete independence and convenience. Assisted living facilities provide complete care options from personal care to transportation management. The cost on assisted living starts at $1,100 per month for unit rental and utility costs. It is likely that either of these options will be a direct expense for a senior, but since assisted living facility costs are inclusive of most expenses, as long as no additional services are required, they are a reasonably priced option.

Finding Senior Living in South Carolina

Many active adult communities require advance planning for you to gain a space. There are often waiting lists that can take months if not years. The same can be true for assisted living facilities. When planning your long term senior living arrangements, it is crucial to begin planning as soon as possible.


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