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Senior Living in South Dakota

Jul 06, 2011 at 5:12 AM

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As you approach retirement age, it is important to begin planning for your senior living arrangements. You may wish to remain at home in the beginning, but you should have alternate plans in place. Before you need additional services, you should look into retirement communities and assisted living facilities. Retirement communities allow you to enjoy life without the inconveniences commonly found in living spaces not designed for seniors. In retirement communities, all of the living spaces offer:

  1. Single levels to avoid stairs
  2. Safety features like hand rails in strategic places
  3. Wide doorways to accommodate walkers

Assisted living facilities offer all of that and more. You will need to determine which level of care is likely to be necessary for you. Are you already feeling the weather in your joints? Is that likely to get worse and ultimately impede your ability to get dressed, take a bath, get out and about? If so, then assisted living facilities may offer the freedom combined with assistance that you will eventually need.

Costs of Senior Living in South Dakota

The costs associated with senior independent living must be paid for by the senior or another family member. Public assistance does not offer additional funds to cover retirement communities or assisted living facilities. There are specific circumstances under which you may be able to get Medicaid to cover a portion of the costs of assisted living, but the basic rental cost of $1,800 is out of pocket. Medicaid can only cover health related costs for low income seniors.

Finding Senior Living in South Dakota

It is crucial to begin planning as early as possible, so you will know which facilities are up to your standards before you need to move. With retirement communities it is important to get to know your prospective neighbors, as much of the draw is the increased social interaction provided. With assisted living facilities, you will need to ensure they offer the care options you are looking for at a price you can meet. Start researching today so that when the time comes you are prepared.


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