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Senior Living in Tennessee

Jul 21, 2011 at 4:16 AM

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Tennessee has miles of rural area, making choosing senior living arrangements not as straightforward as it would otherwise be. For those Living in an urban area, senior living options abound. There are senior apartments, assisted living facilities, retirement communities and nursing homes all over the place. Those living in more rural areas will have much more sharply limited options. When you live in a rural area and are contemplating long term living arrangements after retirement there are several considerations, including:

  1. Reasonable commuting distance to health care
  2. Transportation services
  3. Access to assistance when needed

Seniors living alone in rural areas are vulnerable to problems that do not occur in more urban settings. If a senior has a medical problem in an urban setting, health care is readily accessible. In rural areas it could be miles away, and it might take time for others to realize that something is wrong and seek help. This concern can increase the attractiveness of living options like assisted living facilities and senior apartments.

Costs of Senior Living in Tennessee

Even though living alone as a senior in a rural area is not the safest choice, many seniors may feel as though they have no options. Assisted living facilities start at $1,300 per month, which may not be reachable for many seniors on a fixed income. Senior apartments can also be expensive, but the safety outweighs the expense. There are senior apartments that are offered on a sliding scale to seniors with low income, and Medicaid may be able to assist with some of the costs of assisted living.

Finding Senior Living in Tennessee

Seniors Living in rural areas may have to resign themselves to moving a considerable distance to find the nearest available senior apartments or assisted living facilities. Senior living options are not always conveniently located for family, but even if the move results in a few extra hours of driving time, the added safety is worth it.


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