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Senior Living in Texas

Jan 05, 2012 at 3:35 AM

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As your mother gets older, you and your other siblings will need to find senior living options that she will find palatable. When she is younger, finding a place for mom can be as simple as moving her into a spare room or renting senior apartments for her use. As she gets older, you may not be able to provider her with the needed care at home or in senior apartments. At that point, you may need to look at assisted living facilities. While you can hire a home health aide to provide some limited help, assisted living facilities offer personal care services round the clock. Assisted living facilities typically offer:

  1. Social events
  2. Meal plans
  3. Assistance with daily tasks like getting dressed, taking a bath, brushing hair, etc.
  4. Much more

You may be able to provide these services at home for a limited time, but eventually it becomes very stressful to maintain that level of care in an at home environment. Both mom and you will probably be happier when you find a place for mom that preservers her independence.

Costs of Senior Living in Texas

Providing at home care yourself is often only workable as long as mom is able to do many tasks for herself. Once she needs help with the basic tasks of every day life, you will be forced hire a home health aide during the day. These services start at $10 per hour. While that price is not huge, paying for eight hours a day every day can become quickly cost prohibitive. Paying for Assisted living care starts at only $1,100 per month and includes utilities. This is less than half the cost of providing home health aide services on a regular basis.

Finding Senior Living in Texas

Assisted living facilities are all over Texas, offering a senior living option that can minimize stress on both you and mom. To find a place where she can enjoy growing older, make a list of all the facilities in easy visiting distance. Go online and run a search for your area, you will quickly be able to locate many different options in your vicinity. Then arrange for her to visit each option. This way, she can decide where she will be most comfortable.


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