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Senior Living in Vermont

Jan 17, 2012 at 3:43 AM

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As your parents get older, you will probably want to take some time to assess different senior living options. There are many different models for senior living, and finding one that works best can be difficult. Your parents are likely to want to avoid assisted living communities, since many associate them with nursing homes, and retirement communities may conjure up images of the eighty plus crowd. These false impressions can keep your parents tied into the burden of home maintenance for much longer than necessary. Some simple facts about retirement communities that may help change their minds include:

  1. Residents are as young as 55
  2. They are only for active adults, in good health
  3. The focus is on social activities and opportunities

The thought that the people in these living arrangements are in poor health and just laying around all day could not be further from the truth. Even in assisted living facilities, where a senior might need help getting dressed in the morning or cooking meals, residents enjoy active social lives and many trips away from the facility.

Costs of Senior Living in Vermont

Retirement communities are priced to reflect the surrounding real estate. The size and location of the property being sold or rented in a retirement community will determine the cost of their senior living choice. Many retirement communities offer a variety of senior living options, from small efficiency style apartments, to larger cottage style living spaces. The variety makes it so that there is almost certainly something your parents can afford in a community that piques their interest. Assisted living facilities offer more in the way of services, and cost more as a result. Assisted living facilities start at $2,162 per month and many cost upwards of $3,600. This is a price tag that many seniors may not be able to afford out of pocket.

Finding Senior Living in Vermont

Finding senior living that will interest your parents may take considerable research. If you father enjoys golf, find a community that offers it on-site. If mom enjoys gardening, make sure that there is a gardening club at any community you suggest. Do the research ahead of time, to present all of the possible options to your parents.


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