Christian City Convalescent Center

7300 Lester Rd
Union City, GA 30291

Type of Housing: Assisted Living, Nursing Home
Ratings: Overall: -- Reviews
Beds: 200
Located within a Hospital: No
Percent of Occupied Beds: 94%
Number of Registered Nurse Hours Per Resident Per Day: 0.25
Total Number of Licensed Staff Hours Per Resident Per Day: 1.19
Resident and Family Councils: Both
Care Type: Private Pay
Ownership: For Profit
Total number of residence: 188
Special Focus Facility: No


It's hard to find good assisted living facilities. It's difficult and stressful for a family to try and find the right assisted living facility for a loved one. We know that everyone has different needs. No matter what you're looking for in your senior living experience, we have it. The services we offer to our residents allow you to ensure that your loved one is enjoying him or herself after moving in. The services we provide help you or your loved one to maintain an active lifestyle. Our assistants have experience and can help you with daily activities such as household chores or bathing or dressing oneself. Although there aren't the same amount of nurses that you would see in a nursing home, there is always a staff member on duty that can help. To find out more, fill out our form to find out more!


    From ratings in health inspections, nurse staffing, and measures of medical-care quality.

    Health Inspections

    How well this home met health and safety standards for food preparation and other nursing-home activities in the latest three state inspections. Such inspections are conducted at least every 15 months.

    Nurse Staffing

    Average number of hours per day of care received per resident from nurses at all levels.

    Quality Measures

    Percentages of residents who got recommended care, such as flu vaccinations, and percentages of residents who had pain, bedsores, urinary tract infections, and other care-related problems.

Survey Details

Survey Type: Yes
Latest Survey Date: Nov 11, 2010
Deficiency Type: Fire Safety
Deficiency Category: Automatic Sprinkler Systems Deficiencies
Survey Date: Nov 11, 2010
Date of Correction: Dec 26, 2010
Scope: Isolated
Level of Harm: Minimal harm or potential for actual harm

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